Personal Property Appraisals

We take pride in providing the only multifaceted service as the premier estate appraiser our clients trust to handle their estate. Our staff is comprised of experienced professionals who are skilled in all facets of personal property appraisal based services. We can estimate the value of items with accuracy to help our clients receive the best value for their treasures. Whether estate liquidation requires jewelry or fine art appraisal, estate holders will appreciate our thorough approach, professionalism, and experience.

Our staff has extensive knowledge and experience in the valuation of personal property including coins, furniture, books, stamps, autographs, fire arms, jewelry, cars, boats, watches, sports memorabilia, etc. We offer on-site appraisals as well as any other item valuation our clients require.


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About History Bound, LLC

Minnesota’s Multi-service Asset Liquidation Company

About UsHistory Bound is owned & operated by highly skilled professionals with vast experience in the area of antiquity assessment. Our goal is to transfer these rarities to individuals who will treasure them for years to come.

History Bound, LLC is the only multi-service estate asset liquidation company in the Minnesota area. We are thoroughly and professionally prepared to focus our attention on serving the needs of our clients.

We offer our estate asset liquidation services to the Upper Midwest and advise individuals and professionals throughout the country on the best ways to maximize the value of inherited personal property.

Estate Liquidation Services:

  1. Estate Buy-Outs: We provide our clients with a comprehensive estate liquidation buy-out service.
  2. Equitable Distribution: We will evaluate and sell individual items, collections and entire estates for heirs and divorces.
  3. Internet Auctions: We use the internet to directly market certain categories of collectibles.
  4. Appraisals: Professional appraisal services for estates and divorces.
  5. Public Speaking: We are available for public speaking engagements on useful estate liquidation information.

Our Commitments:

  1. To provide clients with professional estate liquidation services.
  2. To provide a smooth estate clearing transition and solve the problems of how to organize, market and sell personal property.


Where is your store located?
Our central offices are in Mendota Heights, Minnesota, where we have our warehouse. Our warehouse is not open to the public. Rather than operate a storefront shop, we market our products Worldwide through our various internet venues. We have customers in all 50 states and in over 135 countries. Rather than you having to pack your items and haul them to us, we will come to your home to evaluate your items.

Do you do consignment?
Consignments are taken on a individual basis and generally are done with items of higher values.

What constitutes an antique?
An antique is any item that is a hundred years old. If an item is less than a hundred years old it is considered old, vintage etc…

My item is very old is it worth a lot?
This depends on scarcity, demand and condition. Your item may be very old, but if no one wants it; it will be of little value. On the flip side, an item can be newer than 100 years old and will be very collectible if it is in high demand. A piece’s value is based on demand and condition.

Should I clean my item before selling it?
That depends on the item. Stripping off the original varnish on antique furniture usually lowers its value

Tarnish is sometimes referred to as patina. It is the dark finish that appears on metals after years of exposure to air. This patina is valued by coin collectors and should not be removed.

Serving pieces and jewelry should be gently cleaned with appropriate polishes. Leave some of the oxidation (black areas) in the design or ornamentation where applicable. Consult a reputable dealer or jewelry specialist when cleaning your particular piece.

To clean antique sculptures and objects d’art generally they should only be dusted, not polished with cleaners.


How do you determine if a book is a first edition?
An edition includes all copies printed from the same plates or setting of type without substantial change. The first edition is the first public appearance of the text in that form. Any edition can appear in separate printings: each printing includes all of the copies printed from the same plates or setting of type at a given time.

Publishers may not consistently mark a first edition. This is especially true of books printed before the 20th century.

There are various ways first editions are identified: some publishers print the words “First Edition” or “”First Printing” on the copyright page, or they might use a special symbol, called a colophon, or series of numbers to indicate edition.

With the hundreds of variables it is best to consult an expert to determine if your book is a first edition.

What is an estate sale?
Estate is defined as “all the property, real or personal, owned by one.” An estate sale is usually the sale of the contents of a home or property. It can include the home itself and other large property not contained in the home such as vehicles and recreational items. The sale is usually held at the home.


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Historybound Personal Property Appraisal Services

Historybound offers professional appraisal services of your personal property.

We will prepare appraisals for:

Our Staff has vast experience in valuation of:

  • Art
  • Stamps
  • Coins
  • Jewelry
  • Books
  • Vehicles
  • Guns
  • Furniture
  • Boats
  • Sporting Goods
  • Autographs
  • Photos
  • Documents
  • Toys
  • China, glass, silver
  • Clocks, watches

We are court appointed, licensed and insured

Commissions & Fees

History Bound, LLC developed these commissions and fees as ranges rather than fixed values because each estate sale has its own unique circumstances. In general, the higher the income value of an estate, the more likely that the fee for that estate is adjustable.


By Estimate

Auction Placement Service:

Fee Determined By Project Valuation

Debris Removal:

By Estimate

Equitable Distribution:

By Estimate


By Estimate

Commissions and fees are subject to change by mutual agreement depending on each project.

Internet Sales

History Bound is a purveyor of fine international antiquities, serving customers in all 50 states and over 145 countries. We offer a wide variety of rare and unique items from around the world.

Our Internet Service uses our website:, eBay and the internet to directly market certain categories of collectibles. These include rare books, vintage postcards, art, fine jewelry, signatures, memorabilia, antique collectables, and more.

Our Ebay store has sold 22,428 items and our Positive Feedback percentage, ytd, is 99.7%. Check out our user account!


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